About Me

Hi! I'm Lynn and am the 30-ish-year-old mom of two amazing little girls and the wife of one of the greatest men I've ever met or known. I know that I am unbelievably blessed.

Some fun facts: I hate olives, but like olive oil. I can't bring myself to eat hot dogs or sausage links, but love, love, love mushrooms.

I spend way too many hours reading food blogs and cookbooks, and as a result, I probably have over 300 recipes bookmarked to try on my computer alone.

I am fortunate enough to get to stay home with my girls and watch my sweet nephew. It's a good gig.

I love that my husband will often clean up the messes I make in the kitchen without me ever having to ask.

We have been a part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with Bird's Haven Farms for three years now and I love it. It's forced us to try new foods that we would've never tried (some are winners, some, well, not so much. Turns out I will forever hate turnips), and I love that we get to support local farmers and get super fresh produce for about the same amount of money I would spend on the produce at my grocery store.

I maybe have a little bit of a spice addiction. I currently own over 90 different spices. I have a list taped to the inside of my cabinet to help me remember what I own and what kind of container they are in.

The little white parts attached to raw egg yolks gross me out and are almost always removed before I use the eggs.

When given the choice between ice cream and any other baked good, the baked good will almost always win out.

My dad gave me an awesome camera (Canon 60D) and I try to do it justice. It's a work in progress.

I love listening to Jack Johnson, Mumford & Sons, and Buddy Holly. Buddy Holly's "Dearest" is one of my favorite songs.

I believe that the greatest gift ever given to me is Jesus' death on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins. It's yours too, if you ask Him for it. He's pretty awesome like that.

I love playing games (card games, board games, etc.) and can be unusually lucky at winning. I understand that this may be a gene I inherited from my grandfather.

I am very silly, love to laugh and make other people laugh.

I have a mini me:

I love hearing what people think about food, whether I made it or not. I'm sure it can be rather annoying, but I can't help it. I am genuinely interested in finding out. I am also not offended if someone doesn't like something I've made or a recipe I've tried. Between varying palates and sometimes a crap recipe, it happens and I'm okay with it. I love feedback! Share whatever. I can be reached by email at: lynnageorge {at} gmail {dot} com.